In 1995, nuts, machinery manufacturing and machinery in Turkey was a new start with new ways to market principles, although many more were produced abroad. I started this job as an apprentice at the age of 17 and continued until 2005.

I wanted to make a dream come true. Industry refers to the absence and the impossibility of length show when the coming of advanced industrialized one in Turkey NUTS MACHINE MANUFACTURING sector towards science ...
2005 was the beginning of ERDİL MACHINE’s adventure, it had its own course ups and downs, but "every crisis, made the company further strengthened" I can say . After 15 years of adventure, today stronger than ever and no longer individual; we continue to make our dreams come true with a team spirit and our expert engineers. It has made the R&D culture and customer-oriented project approach the basic principle of the company by blending the high knowledge and technological systems of the time in all the machines manufactured from the first day until today.

MACHINE ERDİL, in the western part of Turkey, based in the city of Denizli and serves mainly sunflower production and hosting the Turkey's leading companies in many industries, including manufacturing nuts of all kinds.

What makes our company strong is neither the turnover nor the number of personnel. It is our esteemed team that has a devotion to the latest automation systems with only physics, mathematics and digital technologies. If there is a love affair, turnover and employment will come as a natural consequence. I think every company should be focused on exports, otherwise our economy cannot be strong and sustainable. Our target should be "Current Surplus", not just more exports. This can only be possible with national and local products with high added value.